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A Pixelated Universe

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Welcome to this newly started community, totally dedicated to Isometric Pixel Art.

Basically, isometric art can be anything from this to this to this.

Through this currently active community, which welcomes LJers all walks of IPA experience- (Beginners right through to pros) - we aim to teach about IPA, to show off our work to be downloaded, show tutorials- whatever we so wish!

All that I ask, prior to your joining is that you follow the rules and you keep this community drama free.


Although it isnt mandatory, it would be most pleasant if anyone joining- be they someone that plans on being active and contributing art or comments or constructive criticism, that they would provide a small history on themselves. For example, if they would tell us their name, age?, where abouts they live, how they became interested in IPA etc. Providing past examples of your work would be useful, so if anyone was to request an image they would know your style. If you did this, I would gladly link it to this user info page and name you as a resident artist taking on requests. (or not?)

For those joining as Resident Artists

Do not under any circumstances claim another person's work as your own. If you use another artists template for example, credit that artist and preferably provide a link to their page (It is acceptable to copy+paste a template when you are going by a tutorial guide- we welcome work from beginners, we love to see your progress!)

Mark your work with the following-
©opyright (Your name/internet alias that you go by, permission given to provide a link to your website if you have one) date.

Example: ©opyright Agonista 2005
- Code: &*copyopyright [insert name etc] [Insert year in which piece was created]
(remove the asterix between the '&' and the 'copyopyright'.

For those joining as Lurkers

Only take an artists piece of work if they clearly state that it is free to download. If it is unmentioned, then ASK. Otherwise, do not steal.

When Requesting, use the following application:

Subject: Request

Under LJ cut
Animated/non animated (clarify by making option BOLD)

Details: (Describe image, size etc.)



One may find the following links useful, they explain IPA (Isometric Pixel Art) & give useful tutorials on how to design various aspects of this only recently accepted form of art.

If you have any other useful links, feel free to offer us information. :)



Feel free to plaster these wherever you may wish! Feel free to donate your own banners also, credit is always given.